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meaning: "From Ymer"
Named By: J. A. Clack, P. E. Ahlberg, H. Blom & S. M. Finney in 2012
Time Period: Late Devonian
Location: Greenland, Ymer Island
Size: Skull estimated to have been about 10 centimetres long, total body size unknown
Diet: Insectivore/Piscivore
Fossil(s): Partial skull and lower jaws
Classification: | Chordata | Amphibia |

Ymeria is an extinct genus of early tetrapod from the Devonian of Greenland. Of the two other genera of stem tetrapods from Greenland, Acanthostega and Ichthyostega, Ymeria is most closely related to Ichthyostega, though the single known specimen is smaller, the skull about 10 cm in length. A single interclavicule resemble that of Ichthyostega, an indication Ymeria may have resembled this genus in the post-cranial skeleton.

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