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meaning: "Utah tooth"
Named By: Andrew T. McDonald in 2011
Time Period: Upper Jurassic
Location: USA, Utah - Morrison Formation
Size: About 5-6 meters long
Diet: Herbivore
Fossil(s): Almost complete skeleton
Classification: | Chordata | Reptilia | Dinosauria | Ornithischia | Ornithopoda | Styracosterna |
Also known as: | Camptosaurus aphanoecetes |

Uteodon is a genus of herbivorous iguanodontian dinosaur. It is a basal iguanodontian which lived during the upper Jurassic period in what is now Uintah County, Utah. It is known from the middle of the Brushy Basin Member, Morrison Formation. This genus was named by Andrew T. McDonald in 2011 and the type species is Uteodon aphanoecetes. U. aphanoecetes was previously referred to as Camptosaurus aphanoecetes, and was first described in 2008 by Carpenter and Wilson.

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