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meaning: "SAPE bird"
Named By: Zhou & Zhang in 2002
Time Period: Early Cretaceous, 124.5-120 Ma
Location: China, Liaoning Province - Jiufotang Formation & Yixian Formation
Size: About 30-33 centimetres long
Diet: Herbivore/Omnivore
Fossil(s): Several individuals
Classification: | Chordata | Aves | Omnivoropterygiformes | Omnivoropterygidae |
Also known as: | Didactylornis | Sapeornis angustis | Shenshiornis primita | Omnivoropteryx |

Sapeornis is a type of avialan which lived during the early Cretaceous period (late Aptian to early Albian, roughly 125-120 mya). The genus Sapeornis contains only one species, Sapeornis chaoyangensis.

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