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meaning: "Rolf's bone"
Named By: Dennis & Miles in 1979
Time Period: Frasnian
Location: Australia - Gogo Formation
Size: About 15 centimetres long
Diet: Carnivore
Fossil(s): Almost complete
Classification: | Chordata | Gnathostomata | Placodermi | Arthrodira | Camuropiscidae |

Rolfosteus canningensis is an extinct species of arthrodire placoderm from the late Devonian of the Gogo Formation of Western Australia.

The 15 cm (6 in) long creature had tough plating on the front of its body. Like other arthrodires such as Coccosteus and the giant Dunkleosteus it had sharp, bony plates in its mouth which formed a turtle-like beak for cutting prey to pieces. Rolfosteus's most unusual feature was its highly elongated snout, which may have been used to enhance its sense of smell, as well as increase its hydrodynamic streamlining.

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