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meaning: "Rare spirit"
Named By: J. Liu, B. Rubidge & J. Li in 2009
Time Period: Middle Permian, 270 Ma
Location: China, Gansu Province - Xidagou Formation
Size: Uncertain due to lack of remains, but comparison to the skulls of other therapsids suggest somewhere around 20 centimetres for the skull
Diet: Carnivore
Fossil(s): Partial anterior (forward) portion of the snout
Classification: | Chordata | Synapsida | Therapsida |

Raranimus is an extinct genus of therapsid of the Middle Permian. It was described in 2009 from a partial skull found in 1998 from the Dashankou locality of the Xidagou Formation, outcropping in the Qilian Mountains of Gansu, China. The genus is the most basal known member of the paraphyletic order Therapsida, from which the class Mammalia is a descendant taxon.

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