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meaning: "Armour lover"
Named By: Ameghino in 1887
Time Period: Oligocene-Mid Miocene (Deseadan-Mayoan)~29.0-11.6 Ma
Location: Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile
Size: larger species up to about 1.5 meters long
Diet: Omnivore? (refer to main text for details)
Fossil(s): Remains of a few individuals
Classification: | Chordata | Mammalia | Xenarthra | Cingulata | Dasypodidae |

Peltephilus, the horned armadillo, is an extinct genus of dog-sized, armadillo xenarthran mammals which first inhabited Argentina during the Oligocene epoch, and became extinct in the Miocene epoch. Notably, the scutes on its head were so developed that they formed horns protecting its eyes. Aside from the horned gophers of North America, it is the only known fossorial horned mammal.

Although it had traditionally been perceived as a carnivore because of its large, triangular-shaped teeth, Vizcaino and Farina argued in 1997 that Peltephilus was a herbivore.

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