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meaning: "Ancient Psilopterus"
Named By: Alvarenga in 1985
Time Period: Late Paleocene-Early Eocene (Itaboraian)~58.7-48.6 Ma
Location: Brazil
Size: Up to 1 meter high
Diet: Carnivore
Fossil(s): Fossils to identify one species
Classification: | Chordata | Aves | Cariamae | Phorusrhacidae | Psilopterinae |

Paleopsilopterus is an extinct genus of giant flightless predatory birds within Cariamiformes. It is usually attributed to the subfamily Psilopterinae of the family Phorusrhacidae, or "terror birds", though doubts about such an identity have arisen multiple times. It lived around 58.7 to 48.6 million years ago (Itaboraian) in Brazil, during the Late Paleocene to Early Eocene. The only known species is Paleopsilopterus itaboraiensis. Fossils of Paleopsilopterus have been found at Sao Jose de Itaborai in Rio de Janeiro state.

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