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meaning: "Ancient mastodon"
Named By: Andrews in 1901
Time Period: Late Eocene-Early Oligocene
Location: Egypt, Ethiopia & Saudi Arabia
Size: Uncertain
Diet: Herbivore
Fossil(s): Several individuals
Classification: | Chordata | Mammalia | Eutheria | Afrotheria | Proboscidea |

Palaeomastodon an extinct genus of Proboscidea. Palaeomastodon fossils have been found in Africa, lived some 36-35 million years ago. They are believed to be the ancestors of elephants or mastodons.

Palaeomastodon had tusks, both upper and lower, and it had a trunk. It was about 2.2 metres (7 ft 3 in) tall at the shoulder and weighed about 2.5 tonnes (2.5 long tons; 2.8 short tons). The lower tusks were flat rather than pointed cones, and were probably used to scoop plants from swampy water.

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