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meaning: "Ancient hare"
Named By: Joseph Leidy in 1856
Time Period: Oligocene[1]
Location: Canada, Sekatchewan. USA, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming
Size: About 25 centimetres long
Diet: Herbivore
Fossil(s): Remains of probably a few hundred individuals
Classification: | Chordata | Mammalia | Lagomorpha | Leporidae | Palaeolagus |
Also known as: | Archaeolagus striatus | Palaeolagus agapetillus | Protolagus affinus | Tricium annae | Tricium avunculus | Tricium leporinum |

Palaeolagus ('ancient hare') is an extinct genus of lagomorph. Palaeolagus lived in the Oligocene period which was about 33-23 million years ago. The earliest leporids described from the fossil record of North America and Asia date to the upper Eocene some 40 million years ago.

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