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meaning: "Pab-beast"
Named By: J. A. Wilson, M. S. Malkani & P. D. Gingerich in 2001
Time Period: Late Cretaceous, Maastrichtian
Location: Pakistan, Balochistan - Pab Formation
Size: Unavailable
Diet: Carnivore
Fossil(s): Partial skull and post cranial remains of several individuals
Classification: | Chordata | Reptilia | Crocodylomorpha | Notosuchia | Sebecosuchia | Baurusuchidae | Baurusuchinae |

Pabwehshi (meaning "Pab [Formation] beast ["wehshi" in Urdu]") is an extinct genus of mesoeucrocodylian. It is based on GSP-UM 2000, a partial snout and corresponding lower jaw elements, with another snout assigned to it. These specimens were found in Maastrichtian-age Upper Cretaceous rocks of the Pab Formation in Balochistan, Pakistan, and represent the first diagnostic crocodyliform fossils from Cretaceous rocks of South Asia. Pabwehshi had serrated interlocking teeth in its snout that formed a "zig-zag" cutting edge. Pabwehshi was named in 2001 by Jeffrey A. Wilson and colleagues. The type species is P. pakistanensis, in reference to the nation where it was found. It was traditionally classified as a baurusuchid closely related to Cynodontosuchus and Baurusuchus. Larsson and Sues (2007) found close affinity between Pabwehshi and the Peirosauridae within Sebecia. Montefeltro et al. Pabwehshi has a sagittal torus on its maxillary palatal shelves - a character that is absent in baurusuchids - but they did not include Pabwehshi in their phylogenetic analysis.

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