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Named By: Obruchev in 1933
Time Period: Emsian to Frasnian
Location: Unavailable
Size: Unavailable
Diet: Carnivore
Fossil(s): Unavailable
Classification: | Chordata | Gnathostomata | Placodermi |

Holonematidae is an extinct family of relatively large arthrodire placoderms from the Early to Late Devonian. Almost all fossil specimens are of armor fragments, though, all have distinctive ornamentation, often of unique arrangements and patterns of tubercles, that are diagnostic of the family. The trunkshield is very elongated, giving the armor an overall "barrel" like appearance.

Due to pebbles found inside articulated specimens of the Frasnian species, Holonema westolli, holonematids are thought to have been specialized herbivores that grazed on a form of horn-shaped, stony algae called "onycholite," snipping off the tips with their odd snouts.

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