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meaning: "India bear"
Named By: Pilgrim in 1913
Time Period: Miocene
Location: Across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America
Size: Details unavailable
Diet: Omnivore
Fossil(s): Remains of multiple individuals
Classification: | Chordata | Mammalia | Carnivora | Ursidae |

Indarctos is a genus of mammals of the bear family, Ursidae, endemic to North America, Europe and Asia during the Miocene. It was present from ~11.1 to 5.3 Ma, existing for approximately 6.2 million years.

The oldest member is from Arizona (~11.1--7.7 Ma) and youngest is (~9.0--5.3 Ma) from Kazakhstan. In North America this animal was contemporary with Plionarctos (~10.3--3.3 Ma).

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