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meaning: "Ha's griffin"
Named By: L. E. Zanno & S. D. Sampson in 2005
Time Period: Late Cretaceous, 75.95 Ma
Location: USA, Utah - Kaiparowits Formation
Size: Uncertain due to the fact that the holotype specimen is a single hand which is about 30 centimetres long. Assuming that this hand is scaled to the same approximate body proportions as other related oviraptorids, then the holotype individual of Hagryphus might be about 3 meters long
Diet: Omnivore
Fossil(s): Single hand. Fragmentary foot bones have also been attributed to the genus
Classification: | Chordata | Reptilia | Dinosauria | Saurischia | Theropoda | Oviraptorosauria | Caenagnathidae |

Hagryphus ("Ha's griffin"), is an oviraptorosaurian theropod dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Period of what is now Utah.

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