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Named By: E. T. Newton in 1893
Time Period: Late Permian-Early Triassic
Location: Scotland - Cutties Hillock Sandstone Formation
Size: Unavailable
Diet: Herbivore
Fossil(s): Partial remains
Classification: | Chordata | Synapsida | Therapsida | Dicynodontia | Geikiidae |

Geikia is an extinct genus of dicynodont therapsid from the late Permian - early Triassic. The abundance and diversity of dicynodonts during this period, combined with incomplete or inadequately prepared specimens, have led to challenges in determining relationships within this taxon. Only two species, Geikia locusticeps and Geikia elginensis have been assigned to this genus. While this is the currently accepted classification, fossil record limitations have led to repeated debate on the genus assignments of these species.

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