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meaning: "Dawn swimmer"
Named By: Mark T. Young, Stephen L. Brusatte, Marcello Ruta & Marco Brandalise de Andrade in 2010
Time Period: Bajocian - Bathonian, 168.5-167 Ma
Location: France
Size: Unavailable
Diet: Carnivore/Piscivore
Fossil(s): Partial skull remains
Classification: | Chordata | Reptilia | Crocodylomorpha | Thalattosuchia | Metriorhynchoidea |
Also known as: | Metriorhynchus bathonicus | Teleidosaurus bathonicus | Teleidosaurus gaudryi |

Eoneustes (meaning "dawn swimmer") is an extinct genus of metriorhynchoid crocodyliform from Middle Jurassic (late Bajocian to early Bathonian stage) deposits of France. Eoneustes was a carnivore that lived in the oceans and spent much, if not all, its life out at sea.

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