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(croc-oh-dil-us an-fro-po-fag-us)
meaning: "Human eating crocodile"
Crocodylus anthropophagus
Named By: Christopher A. Brochu, Jackson Njau, Robert J. Blumenschine and Llewellyn D. Densmore in 2010
Time Period: 1.84 Ma
Location: Tanzania - Olduvai Gorge
Size: Uncertain but estimated between 7 and 7.5 meters long
Diet: Carnivore
Fossil(s): Partial skull and post cranial remains
Classification: | Chordata | Reptilia | Crocodylomorpha | Crocodylia | Crocodylidae | Crocodylinae |

Crocodylus anthropophagus is an extinct species of crocodile from Plio-Pleistocene from Tanzania. It lived 1.84 million years ago. It was a large-sized apex predator reaching a length of 7.5 m (25 ft).

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