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meaning: "Canada shield"
Named By: Derek Briggs in 1978
Time Period: Cambrian Series 3 - Burgess Shale
Location: Canada. USA. China
Size: Up to 47 millimetres long, from head to tail. Many specimens are smaller than this
Diet: Organic material in sediment
Fossil(s): Over 4500 fossil specimens
Classification: | Arthropoda | Crustacea | Malacostraca |

Canadaspis ("Shield of Canada") was a Cambrian genus of crustacean or euarthropod, a benthic feeder that moved mainly by walking and possibly used its biramous appendages to stir mud in search of food. The genus has been placed within the subclass Phyllocarida, in the class Malacostraca that includes shrimps and lobsters.

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