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meaning: "Attenborough's lizard"
Named By: Robert T. Bakker in 1993
Time Period: Early Jurassic
Location: England, Dorset
Size: 5 meters long
Diet: Piscivore
Fossil(s): Single specimen of partial remains now only represented by a plaster cast of the original fossils. Skin impressions were also known with the original material
Classification: | Chordata | Reptilia | Sauropterygia | Plesiosauria | Plesiosauroidea | Plesiosauridae |
Also known as: | Plesiosaurus conybeari |

Attenborosaurus is an extinct genus of pliosaurid from the Early Jurassic of Dorset, England. The type species is A. conybeari. The genus is named after David Attenborough, the species after William Conybeare.

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