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meaning: "Coal runner"
Named By: Robert L. Carroll & Donald Baird in 1972
Time Period: Late Carboniferous, 307.1-305 Ma
Location: USA, Ohio
Size: About 16 centimetres long
Diet: Insectivore
Fossil(s): (AMNH 6940) Almost complete skeleton
Classification: | Chordata | Reptilia | Romeriida | Protorothyrididae |
Also known as: | Sauropleura longipes | Tuditanus longipes |

Anthracodromeus is an extinct genus of Late Carboniferous (late Westphalian stage) protorothyridid known from Ohio. It is known from the holotype AMNH 6940, a nearly complete skeleton. It was collected in the Linton site in Jefferson County, from the upper Freeport Coal Member. A. longipes was first assigned by Edward Drinker Cope in 1875 to a species of Sauropleura. The genus was first named by Robert L. Carroll and Donald Baird in 1972 and the type species is Anthracodromeus longipes.

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