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meaning: "strange"
Named By: X. Xu, X. Zheng, C. Sullivan, X. Wang, L. Xing, Y. Wang, X. Zhang, J. K. o'Connor, F. Zhang & Y. Pan in 2015
Time Period: MIddle or Late Jurassic, 160 Ma
Location: Wingspan roughly about 60 centimetres across
Size: Wingspan roughly about 60 centimetres across
Diet: Insectivore/Carnivore
Fossil(s): Skull, lower jaws and partial post cranial skeleton, mostly articulated
Classification: | Chordata | Reptilia | Dinosauria | Theropoda | Scansoriopterygidae |

Yi(Yi Long Shu ) is a genus of scansoriopterygid dinosaurs from the Late Jurassic of China. Its only species, Yi qi(Qi Yi Long ) (Mandarin pronunciation: [i tchi]; from Chinese: Yi ; pinyin: yi; literally: "wing" and Qi ; qi; "strange" Latin: Novus cornu), is known from a single fossil specimen of an adult individual found in Middle or Late Jurassic of Hebei, China, approximately 160 million years ago. It was a small, possibly tree-dwelling (arboreal) animal. Like other scansoriopterygids, Yi possessed an unusual, elongated third finger, that appears to have helped to support a membranous gliding plane made of skin. The planes of Yi qi were also supported by a long, bony strut attached to the wrist. This modified wrist bone and membrane-based plane is unique among all known dinosaurs, and might have resulted in wings similar in appearance to those of bats.

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