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(ur-sus ark-tos krow-fe-ree)
Ursus arctos crowtheri
Named By: Heinrich Rudolf Schinz in 1844
Time Period: Unavailable
Location: The Atlas Mountains of north Africa. Especially well known from Morocco
Size: No larger than a black bear, which are known to range from 120-200 centimetres long, 10-105 centimetres high at the shoulder
Diet: Herbivore/omnivore
Fossil(s): Numerous fossils. Records exist of living bears
Classification: | Chordata | Mammalia | Carnivora | Ursidae |

The names Atlas bear and African bear (Ursus arctos crowtheri) have been applied to an extinct population or populations of the brown bear in Africa. The Cantabrian brown bear likely was introduced to Africa from Spain by the Romans who imported Iberian bears for spectacles.

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