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meaning: "Titan fish"
Named By: John Strong Newberry in 1885
Time Period: Famennian
Location: Worldwide
Size: Easily up to 8 meters long, possible larger up to 10 meters long
Diet: Carnivore/Possibly a filter feeder
Fossil(s): Initially many remains but usually of a fragmentary nature, a more complete and articulated specimen has since been discovered
Classification: | Chordata | Placodermi | Arthrodira | Brachythoraci | Coccosteina | Dinichthyloidea | Titanichthyidae |
Also known as: | Brontichthys |

Titanichthys is a genus of giant, aberrant marine placoderm from shallow seas of the Late Devonian of Morocco, Eastern North America, and possibly Europe. Many of the species approached Dunkleosteus in size and build. Unlike its relative, however, the various species of Titanichys had small, ineffective-looking mouth-plates that lacked a sharp cutting edge. It is assumed that Titanichthys was a filter feeder that used its capacious mouth to swallow or inhale schools of small, anchovy-like fish, or possibly krill-like zooplankton, and that the mouth-plates retained the prey while allowing the water to escape as it closed its mouth.

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