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meaning: "Devil"
Named By: Aleksandr Grigorevich Sharov in 1971
Time Period: Late Jurassic, 155.7 Ma
Location: Kazakhstan, Karatau
Size: Approximately 63 centimetre wingspan
Diet: unavailable
Fossil(s): 6 individual specimens
Classification: | Chordata | Reptilia | Pterosaur | Rhamphorhynchoidea | Rhamphorhynchidae |

Sordes was a small pterosaur from the late Jurassic (Oxfordian/Kimmeridgian) Karabastau Svita of Kazakhstan.

The genus was named in 1971 by Aleksandr Grigorevich Sharov. The type species is Sordes pilosus. The genus name means "filth" or "scum" in Latin, a reference to evil spirits in local folklore. The specific name is Latin for "hairy"; despite sordes being feminine, it has not yet been emended to pilosa.

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