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meaning: "Native spirit"
Named By: Molnar in 1981
Time Period: Late Oligocene-Late Pleistocene
Location: Australia, particularly Queensland
Size: 2 - 6 meters long, depending upon the species
Diet: unavailable
Fossil(s): Several specimens including two skulls
Classification: | Chordata | Sauropsida | Crocodilia | Crocodylidae | Mekosuchinae |

Quinkana is an extinct genus of mekosuchine crocodylians that lived in Australia from about 24 million to about 40,000 years ago. By the Pleistocene, Quinkana had become one of the top terrestrial predators of Australia, possessing long legs and ziphodont teeth (lateromedially compressed, recurved, and serrated). Quinkana comes from the "Quinkans", a legendary folk from Aboriginal myths.

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