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meaning: "Qaisra whale"
Named By: P. D. Gingerich et al in 2001
Time Period: Middle Eocene
Location: Pakistan, Domanda Formation
Size: Total length uncertain. Skull is 65 centimetres long
Diet: unavailable
Fossil(s): Several specimens of partial remains
Classification: | Chordta | Mammalia | Cetacea | Archaeoceti | Protocetidae | Protocetinae |
Also known as: | Qaisracetus spinalis |

Qaisracetus is an extinct protocetid early whale known from the Eocene (Lutetian, 48.6 to 40.4 million years ago) of Baluchistan, Pakistan (31.0degN 70.2degE / 31.0; 70.2, paleocoordinates 12.4degN 65.7degE / 12.4; 65.7).

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