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meaning: "Before Pliopithecus"
Named By: Schlosser in 1911
Time Period: Mid Oligocene
Location: Egypt, Fayum Province - Jebel Qatrani Formation
Size: 40 centimetres long
Diet: Frugivore
Fossil(s): Several specimens
Classification: | Chordata | Mammalia | Primates | Hominoidea | Pliopithecidae |
Also known as: | Aeolopithecus | Moeripithecus |

Propliopithecus is an extinct genus of primate.

The 40 cm (1 ft 4 in) long creature resembled today's gibbons. Its eyes faced forwards, giving it stereoscopical vision. Propliopithecus was most likely an omnivore. It is possible that Propliopithecus is the same creature as Aegyptopithecus. If that would be the case the name Propliopithecus would take precedence over Aegyptopithecus according to ICZN rules, because it was coined earlier.

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