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meaning: "Near Adapis"
Named By: Paul Gervais in 1877
Time Period: Late Paleocene-Early Eocene[1]
Location: Europe and North America
Size: Around 80 centimetres long and 2 kilograms in weight
Diet: Uncertain - refer to main text for more details
Fossil(s): Multiple specimens numbering well over a hundred. Many of these are fragmentary but a few are almost complete and some even show the impression of skin and hair as an outline of carbonaceous film
Classification: | Chordata | Mammalia | Plesiadapiformes | Plesiadapoidea | Plesiadapidae |
Also known as: | Menatotherium | Nothodectes |

Plesiadapis is one of the oldest known primate-like mammal genera which existed about 55-58 million years ago in North America and Europe. Plesiadapis means "near-Adapis", which is a reference to the Eocene lemuriform, Adapis. Plesiadapis tricuspidens, the type specimen, is named after the three cusps present on its upper incisors.

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