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meaning: "near Stylotermes"
Named By: Thomas E. Snyder & Alfred E. Emerson in 1949
Time Period: Ypresian - Miocene
Location: India. Russia. USA, California - Barstow Formation and Plush Ranch Formation, Washington - Latah Formation
Size: Wings up to 11.5 millimetres long
Diet: Detritivore
Fossil(s): Many individuals
Classification: | Arthropoda | Insecta | Blattodea | Stylotermitidae |

Parastylotermes is an extinct genus of termite in the Isoptera family Stylotermitidae known from North America, Europe, and India. The genus contains five described species, Parastylotermes calico, Parastylotermes frazieri, Parastylotermes krishnai, Parastylotermes robustus, and Parastylotermes washingtonensis.

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