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meaning: "Owen's little one"
Named By: Robert Broom in 1939
Time Period: 260.5-250 Ma Mid Wuchiapingian - early Induan
Location: South Africa, Karoo basin
Size: Uncertain due to lack of post cranial remains
Diet: Insectivore
Fossil(s): Several skulls
Classification: | Chordata | Sauropsida | Parareptilia | Procolophonomorpha | Procolophonia | Owenettidae |

Owenetta is an extinct genus of owenettid procolophonian parareptile. Fossils have been found from the Beaufort Group in the Karoo Basin of South Africa. Although most procolophonians lived during the Triassic, Owenetta existed during the Wuchiapingian and Changhsingian stages of the Late Permian as well as the early Induan stage of the Early Triassic. It is the type genus of the family Owenettidae, and can be distinguished from other related taxa in that the posterior portion of the supratemporal bears a lateral notch and that the pineal foramen is surrounded by a depressed parietal surface on the skull table.

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