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meaning: "Niafta crocodile"
Named By: M. F. Ivakhnenko in 1990
Time Period: middle permian
Location: Russia, Arkhangelsk Oblast
Size: Skull reconstructed to be about nine centimetres long
Diet: Carnivore
Fossil(s): Partial skull
Classification: | Chordata | Synapsida | Therapsida | Biarmosuchian | Niaftasuchidae |

Niaftasuchus is an extinct genus of synapsid. Only one species is recorded, Niaftasuchus zekkeli, from Nyafta, basin of the Mezen' River, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. The family Niaftasuchidae was created by Ivankhenko in 1990, and initially attributed to the Tapinocephalia, essentially on the basis of the dentition; later it was regarded as Biarmosuchia, by share big orbits and fused vomers.

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