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Named By: Robert broom in 1936
Time Period: Middle Permian- Early Triassic, 261-247 Ma
Location: South Africa
Size: Unavailable
Diet: Unavailable
Fossil(s): Skull and jaw
Classification: | Chordata | Synapsida | Therapsida | Cynodontia | Thrinaxodontidae |

Thrinaxodontidae is an extinct family of cynodonts that includes the genera Thrinaxodon, Nanictosaurus, Nanocynodon, and Novocynodon, and possibly Bolotridon and Platycraniellus. All thrinaxodontids share a bony secondary palate. Thrinaxodontids are basal members of the cynodont clade Epicynodontia. Some studies consider the family a paraphyletic group, representing an evolutionary grade of basal epicynodonts rather than an actual clade.

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