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meaning: "Black bone"
Named By: H. Lelievre, R. Feist, D. Goujet & A. Blieck in 1987
Time Period: Late Frasnian[1]
Location: Canada?. France. India - Shiala Formation
Size: Skull about 5 centimetres long
Diet: Carnivore
Fossil(s): Skulls
Classification: | Chordata | Placodermi | Arthrodira | Coccosteina | Dinichthyloidea | Selenosteidae |

Melanosteus occitanus is a small (skull about 5 centimeters long) selenosteid arthrodire placoderms known from the Upper Frasnian Montagne Noire of Southern France. Rucklin (2011), regards M. occitanus as the sister taxon of Rhinosteus. During the Frasnian, M. occitanus lived off the coast of an island continent, "Armorica," which consisted of portions of what would become Southern France.

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