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meaning: "Large horned face"
Named By: Joseph Leidy in 1870
Time Period: Late Eocene 38-33.9 Ma
Location: Canada, Seskatchewan. USA, Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming
Size: Larger individuals up to 2.5 meters tall at the shoulder
Diet: Herbivore
Fossil(s): Numerous individuals allowing for accurate reconstructions of the whole animal
Classification: | Chordata | Mammalia | Perissodactyla | Brontotheriidae |
Also known as: | Ateleodon | Brontops | Brontotherium | Haplacodon | Menodus peltoceras | Oreinotherium | Teleodus | Titanops | Titanotherium ramosum |

Megacerops ("large-horned face", from mega- "large" + keras "horn" + ops "face") is an extinct genus of the prehistoric odd-toed ungulate (hoofed mammal) family Brontotheriidae, an extinct group of rhinoceros-like browsers related to horses. It was endemic to North America during the Late Eocene epoch (38-33.9 mya), existing for approximately 4.1 million years.

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