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meaning: "Khorat ape"
Named By: Y. Chaimanee, V. Suteethorn, P. Jintasakul, C. Vidthayanon, B. Marandat & J. J. Jaeger in 2004
Time Period: Unavailable
Location: Myanmar, Thailand
Size: Unavailable
Diet: Herbivore
Fossil(s): Mostly teeth, but mandible (lower jaw) fragments are also known
Classification: | Chordata | Mammalia | Primates | Hominidae | Ponginae |
Also known as: | Lufengpithecus chiangmuanensis |

Khoratpithecus is an extinct genus of primates that lived during the late Miocene (9-7 million years ago) in Southeast Asia.

Three species belong to this genus:

Khoratpithecus chiangmuanensis from Thailand (Chaimanee, Jolly, Benammi, Tafforeau, Duzer, Moussa & Jaeger, 2003) (formerly Lufengpithecus chiangmuanensis ')

Khoratpithecus piriyai from Thailand Chaimanee, Suteethorn, Jintasakul, Vidthayanon, Marandat & Jaeger, 2004

Khoratpithecus ayeyarwadyensis from Myanmar Jaeger, Soe, Chavasseau, Coster, Emonet, Guy, Lebrun, Maung, Shwe, Tun, Oo, Rugbumrung, Bocherens, Benammi, Chaivanich, Tafforeau & Chaimanee, 2011

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