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Named By: H. M. Sallam, E. R. Seiffert, E. L. Simons & C. Brindley in 2010
Time Period: Late Eocene
Location: Egypt - Birket Qarun Formation
Size: Unknown due to lack of fossil remains
Diet: Uncertain
Fossil(s): Partial jaws and teeth
Classification: | Chordata | Mammalia | Rodentia | Anomaluromorpha | Anomaluridae |

Kabirmys qarunensis is an extinct species of anomaluroid (scaly-tailed flying squirrel) rodent from the earliest late Eocene of the Birket Qarun Formation from northern Egypt. So far, it was monotypic in its genus. It was described in September 2010 by Hesham Sallam, Erik Seiffert, Elwyn Simons, and Chloe Brindley based on isolated teeth, partial mandibles, and an edentulous partial maxilla. It is noteworthy for being the largest known Eocene anomaluroid.

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