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Named By: Charlie J. Underwood, Anjali Goswami, G. V. R. Prasad, Omkar Verma & John J. Flynn in 2011
Time Period: Valanginian-Danian
Location: Austalia. France. Denmark - Faxe Formation? India
Size: Unavailable
Diet: Carnivore/Piscivore
Fossil(s): Teeth
Classification: | Chordata | Chondrichthyes | Elasmobranchii | Selachimorpha | Hexanchiformes | Hexanchidae |
Also known as: | Notidanus aptiensis |

Gladioserratus is an extinct genus of cow shark. It contains three species:

Gladioserratus aptiensis Pictet, 1865

Gladioserratus magnus Underwood, Goswami, Prasad, Verma & Flynn, 2011

Gladioserratus dentatus Guinot, Cappetta & Adnet, 2014

The authors of its description considered it to be an exclusively Cretaceous genus, containing species living from Hauterivian to Cenomanian. Subsequently the species G. dentatus was described from the Valanginian of France. Teeth described by Adolfssen and Ward (2015), collected from the middle Danian Faxe Formation at Faxe, Denmark, extend the temporal range of the genus to Paleocene; according to the authors, the species "Notorynchus" serratissimus Agassiz (1843) should probably be assigned to the genus Gladioserratus as well, which, if confirmed, would further extended the temporal range of the genus to the early Eocene.

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