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meaning: "Dawn mother"
Named By: Ji, Luo, Yuan, Wible, Zhang & Georgi in 2002
Time Period: Early Cretaceous, 125 Ma
Location: China, Liaoning Province - Yixian Formation
Size: 10 centimetres long
Diet: Insectivore
Fossil(s): Single well preserved specimen that includes the impression of its fur
Classification: | Chordata | Mammalia | Theria | Eutheria |

Eomaia ("dawn mother") is a genus of extinct fossil mammals containing the single species Eomaia scansoria, discovered in rocks that were found in the Yixian Formation, Liaoning Province, China, and dated to the Barremian Age of the Lower Cretaceous about 125 million years ago. The single fossil specimen of this species is 10 centimetres (3.9 in) in length and virtually complete. An estimate of the body weight is between 20-25 grams (0.71-0.88 oz). It is exceptionally well-preserved for a 125-million-year-old specimen. Although the fossil's skull is squashed flat, its teeth, tiny foot bones, cartilages and even its fur are visible.

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