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meaning: "Creeping animal from Elgin"
Named By: Per E. Ahlberg in 1995. ininininin
Time Period: Late Devonian, 375 Ma
Location: Scotland, Scat Craig
Size: Estimated 1.5 meters long
Diet: unavailable
Fossil(s): Single partial skeleton including jaw segments
Classification: | Chordata | Tetrapoda | Amphibia | Ichthyostegalia | Elginerpetontidae |

Elginerpeton is a monotypic genus of early tetrapod, the fossils of which were recovered from Scat Craig, Scotland, in rocks dating to the late Devonian Period (Late Frasnian stage, 375 million years ago). The only known fossil has been given the name Elginerpeton pancheni.

Elginerpeton is known from skeletal fragments including a partial shoulder and hip, a femur, tibia (lower hind limb), and jaw fragments. The holotype is a lower jaw fragment estimated at 40 centimeters in total length. The total body is estimated to have measured about 1.5 m (5 ft) in length. Upon its description, Elginerpeton was allied with Obruchevichthys in the family Elginerpetontidae.

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