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meaning: "Amber Cteniza"
Named By: K. Y. Eskov & S. L. Zonstein in 2000
Time Period: Early Eocene
Location: Russia - Baltic coast
Size: Carapace on thorax is 2.63 millimetres, Abdomen is 2.50 millimetres. Total body length including the chelicerae (fangs) is 5.88 millimetres long
Diet: Insectivore
Fossil(s): Single male almost perfectly preserved in Baltic amber
Classification: | Arthropoda | Arachnida | Araneae | Opisthothelae | Mygalomorphae | Ctenizidae |

Electrocteniza is an extinct monotypic genus of spider in the family Ctenizidae. At present, it contains the single species Electrocteniza sadilenkoi. The genus is solely known from the Early Eocene Baltic amber deposits in the Baltic Sea region of Europe.

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