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meaning: "hedgehog tooth"
Named By: Richard Owen in 1861
Time Period: Early Cretaceous, 140 Ma
Location: England - Lulworth Formation, Worbarrow Tout Member
Size: Roughly about 60 centimetres long
Diet: Herbivore/Omnivore
Fossil(s): Partial remains
Classification: | Chordata | Reptilia | Dinosauria | Ornithischia | Heterodontosauridae |
Also known as: | Echinodon becklesi | Saurechinodon becklesii |

Echinodon (pronounced eh-KY-no-don) meaning "hedgehog tooth" in reference to the spines on its teeth (Greek ekhinos, echinos = hedgehog + odous, odous = tooth), occasionally known as Saurechinodon, is a genus of small European dinosaur of the early Cretaceous Period (Berriasian age), 140 million years ago.

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