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Named By: Xin Cheng, Wang Xiaolin, Jiang Shunxing & Alexander W. A. Kellner in 2015
Time Period: Bathonian to Oxfordian,[1] 164 Ma
Location: Mongolia - Tiaojishan Formation
Size: Unavailable
Diet: Insectivore
Fossil(s): Partial skull and partial anterior portion of the post cranial skeleton
Classification: | Chordata | Reptilia | Pterosauria | Anurognathidae |

Daohugoupterus is a genus of pterosaur from the Middle to Late Jurassic Daohugou Beds of the Tiaojishan Formation in Inner Mongolia, China. It is based on IVPP V12537, a partial skeleton with soft tissue impressions. This specimen includes part of the torso and pectoral girdle, the left humerus (upper arm bone), neck vertebrae, and the posterior part of the skull. The short neck vertebrae, presence of cervical ribs, and the form of the humerus indicate that Daohugoupterus was a relatively basal pterosaur. Daohugoupterus was described in 2015 by Xin Cheng and colleagues. The type and only known species is D. delicatus. It is a member of the Yanliao Biota, which also includes the pterosaurs Jeholopterus and Pterorhynchus; Daohugoupterus is the smallest of the three.

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