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meaning: "Maimed beak"
Named By: Richard Owen in 1874
Time Period: Early Cretaceous, 140-136 Ma
Location: Brazil - Santana Formation. England - Cambridge Greensand. USA, Texas
Size: Largest species up to 7 meter wingspan. Largest skull length up to 75 centimetres long
Diet: Piscivore
Fossil(s): Several specimens, but usually of fragmentary remains
Classification: | Chordata | Reptilia | Pterosauria | Pterodactyloidea | Ornithocheiridae |
Also known as: | Amblydectes | Ptenodactylus | Santanadactylus | Siroccopteryx | Uktenadactylus |

Coloborhynchus is a genus in the pterosaur family Ornithocheiridae, and is known from the Lower Cretaceous of England (Valanginian age, 140-136 million years ago), and depending on which species are included, possibly the Albian age (113-100.5 million years ago) as well.

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