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meaning: "long neck"
Named By: M. BorsukinBialynicka & A. G. Sennikov in 2009
Time Period: Early Triassic
Location: Poland
Size: Unavailable
Diet: Carnivore
Fossil(s): Vertebrae
Classification: | Chordata | Reptilia | Diapsida | Archosauromorpha | Archosauriformes |

Collilongus (meaning "long neck") is an extinct genus of small archosauriform, possibly a rauisuchian, known from Early Triassic (Olenekian age) rocks of Czatkowice 1, Poland. It was first named by Magdalena Borsuk-Bialynicka; and Andriej G. Sennikov in 2009. The type and only known species is Collilongus rarus. It is a rare component of the Czatkowice 1 fauna, known only from vertebrae. Collilongus was a contemporary of the more common archosauriform Osmolskina.

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