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(kar-ka-roe-clees/kar-ka-roe-don chu-bu-ten-sis)
Carcharocles/Carcharodon chubutensis
Named By: Louis Agassiz in 1843
Time Period: Oligocene - Pliocene
Location: Worldwide
Size: Estimated at up to 12.2 meters long
Diet: Carnivore
Fossil(s): Mostly teeth but some vertebral centra are also known
Classification: | Chordata | Chondrichthyes | Elasmobranchii | Lamniformes |
Also known as: | Carcharodon mexicanus | Carcharodon productus | Megaselachus chubutensis |

Carcharocles chubutensis, meaning "glorious shark of Chubut", from Ancient Greek: klewos (klewos) "glory/fame" + karkharias (karkharias) "shark", is a prehistoric megatoothed shark that lived during Oligocene, Miocene, and Pliocene epochs, approximately 28 - 5 million years ago. This shark is considered to be a close relative of another prehistoric megatoothed shark, C. megalodon. However, as is the case with C. megalodon, the classification of this species is disputed.

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