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meaning: "Brazil lizard"
Named By: Shikama & Ozaki in 1966
Time Period: Early Permian, 284-279.5 Ma
Location: Brazil - Irati Formation
Size: Roughly about 42-45 centimetres long for the holotype
Diet: Carnivore
Fossil(s): At least one individual known by reasonably good remains
Classification: | Chordata | Parareptilia | Mesosauria | Mesosauridae |

Brazilosaurus is an extinct genus of mesosaur which lived during the early Permian (Artinskian stage) of what is now Brazil. It is known from a skeleton recovered from the Assistencia Member of the Irati Formation (Hanayama Farm, Tatui, Sao Paulo). It was named by T. Shikama and H. Ozaki in 1966 and the type species is Brazilosaurus sanpauloensis.

Brazilosaurus is not to be confused with the archosaur Brasileosaurus.

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