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meaning: "Frog slicing"
Named By: David J. Gower in 1999
Time Period: Middle Triassic, 242-235 Ma
Location: Germany - Erfurt Formation
Size: Up to about 6 meters long
Diet: Carnivore
Fossil(s): Several individuals, some almost complete
Classification: | Chordata | Reptilia | Rauisuchia | Paracrocodylomorpha | Loricata |

Batrachotomus is a genus of prehistoric archosaur. Fossils of this animal have been found in southern Germany and dated from the Ladinian stage of the Middle Triassic period, around 242 to 235 million years ago. Batrachotomus was described by palaeontologist David J. Gower 22 years after its discovery.

The locality where Batrachotomus lived was a swampy region and the name comes from the Greek batrachos/batrakhos (frog) and tome/tome (cutting, slicing), which refers to its preying on the large amphibian Mastodonsaurus. In contrast with sprawling reptiles, like crocodiles, this large carnivore was very agile with locomotor superiority due to its erect stance. A remarkable feature seen on its back was a row of paired, flattened bony plates. Batrachotomus was possibly an early relative of Postosuchus, which lived during the dawn of the dinosaurs.

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