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Named By: A. W. Skalski in 1995
Time Period: early Eocene
Location: Russia
Size: Body length of B. rasnitsyni 3 millimetres, forewing length 4 millimetres
Diet: Herbivore/Detritivore/nectar gatherer
Fossil(s): Complete fossil specimens preserved in amber
Classification: | Arthropoda | Insecta | Lepidoptera | Micropterigidae |
Also known as: | Micropterix proavitella | Sabatinca proavitella |

Baltimartyria is an extinct genus of primitive metallic moths in the family Micropterigidae. The genus is solely known from the Early Eocene Baltic amber deposits in the Baltic Sea region of Europe. The genus currently contains two described species, Baltimartyria proavitella and Baltimartyria rasnitsyni.

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