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meaning: "Spring lizard"
Named By: Ruben Dario Martinez and Fernando Emilio Novas in 2006
Time Period: Late Cretaceous
Location: Argentina, Chubut Province - Bajo Barreal Formation
Size: Roughly estimated to be about 2 and 3 meters long
Diet: Carnivore
Fossil(s): Articulated right hind limb. Remains of further remains known
Classification: | Chordata | Reptilia | Dinosauria | Saurischia | Theropoda | Coelurosauria |

Aniksosaurus (meaning "spring lizard", from Modern Greek Anoixe, "Spring", referring to the fact it was found on 21 September 1995, the onset of Spring on the Southern Hemisphere) is a genus of dinosaur from what is now Chubut Province, Argentina. It was a theropod, specifically a coelurosaur, which lived in the middle Cretaceous period, between 96-91 million years ago. The type species, Aniksosaurus darwini, was formally described by Ruben Dario Martinez and Fernando Emilio Novas in 2006; the name was first coined in 1995 and reported in the literature in 1997. The specific epithet honors Charles Darwin who visited Patagonia in 1832/1833 during the Voyage of the Beagle.

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