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meaning: "Dice bone - the first part of the name is a reference to an aanceint dice game and Nevada's gambling connections"
Named By: H. G. Johnson, D. K. Elliott & J. H. Wittke in 2000
Time Period: Late Emsian
Location: USA, Nevada - Sevy Dolomite Formation
Size: Uncertain. Head shield is roughly 62-63 millimetres across
Diet: Carnivore/Piscivore
Fossil(s): Partial head shield
Classification: | Chordata | Vertebrata | Placodermi | Arthrodira | Actinolepidae |

Aleosteus eganensis is an extinct arthrodire placoderm fish. Its fossils have been found in the Late Emsian strate of the Sevy Dolomite Formation, in the Egan Range of east-central Nevada, USA. Almost complete fossils belong to juvenile and adult specimens and show a short and broad skull, posteriorly concave.

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